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A1.1 Discovery

Product Code: 2019-FALL-ADLT-BKL-A1.1 2019

Age Group Adults
Type 10-week courses
Session 2019 - Fall
Pace 2 hours per week over 10 weeks
Level A1.1
Schedules 09 Sep 2019 to 11 Nov 2019
  • Monday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm at BRICKELL
Note: Learn how to…
 Introduce yourself, respond yes or no, learn how to spell in French, talk about
purchasing something, and communicate with classmates.
 Introduce, meet, and learn about someone; identify and locate an object (il y
a, c’est); pose and respond politely to questions, join a social network.
 Understand and compose a newspaper advert, find, research, and describe
an apartment, describe one’s neighbor, accuse and excuse oneself, write a
personal profile.

 The verbs s’appeler, être, avoir
 Expressions je m’appelle, je suis, and j’ai __ ans
 Definite articles
 The expression je voudrais.
 Prepositions (à, en, au, aux)
 -er verbs (parler, habiter)
 The basic negative (ne…pas)
 Indefinite articles (un, une, des)
 Framing questions with qui (est-ce), quel
 Subject and stress pronouns, oui, non, si !
 Gender and agreement for nouns and adjectives
 The verbs venir and aller
 Possessive adjectives
 Spatial prepositions dans, chez, sur, sous.
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$63.00 USD
saison 1
textbook and exercise book
$380.00 USD

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