The Making of Paris: Part 4

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The Making of Paris: Part 4

By popular demand, Russell Kelley adds a final chapter to his three-part study of the evolution of the urban landscape of Paris. The presentation will be in English.

Republican Paris (1870-Present)

While most histories of the City of Light stop with the grands travaux of Napoleon III and Baron Hausmann, this lecture covers the past 150 years in the evolution of the urban landscape of modern Paris, focusing on the buildings of the Belle Époque, the Expositions Universelles of 1889 and 1900, the major demolition projects undertaken between the two World Wars, and the modernization programs of Presidents Pompidou and Mitterrand.

Mr. Kelley is the author of a monograph on the evolution of the urban landscape of Paris, including 10 historical walking tours, on which this lecture series is based. He has lived and worked in Paris for 25 years. A dedicated flâneur, he has personally walked every street and admired every structure mentioned in his lectures.

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