"Novembre Numérique is an international digital culture festival that provides an immersive experience into French culture through virtual art. With Novembre Numérique, the Institut français collaborates with the French cultural network abroad to showcase the diversity of digital cultures. Expanding from Paris, Novembre Numérique aims to foster international connections between creators and audiences.

In November, the Alliance Française Miami Metro will offer immersive experiences to the public, both children and adults, enabling them to rediscover French heritage, art, and immersive documentaries. Additionally, an animated book workshop will be offered to celebrate the 80th anniversary of "Le Petit Prince."

NOV 18. | 10 AM to 3 PM

  Alliance Française Miami Metro

In French & English

FREE | RSVP mandatory



Le Petit Prince, kids coloring & 3D animation workshop

[6 to 12 years old]

Bring your kids for a special workshop to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Le Petit Prince. Kids coloring and 3D animation workshops in partnership with Les Editions Animées.

2023 marked the 80th anniversary of The Little Prince’s publication in New York in 1943. As part of this anniversary, Alliance Française Miami Metro and Coral Gables Museum invite you to discover the universe of Le Petit Prince with this fun and immersive project for kids!

Le Petit Prince kids coloring & 3D animation workshop

📅  NOVEMBER 11 - 10 AM to noon
📍RSVP @ Coral Gables Museum

📅  NOVEMBER 18 - 10 AM to 3 PM
📍RSVP @ Alliance Française Miami Metro

Experience Virtual Reality

[Teenagers & adults]

France has earned international recognition in the virtual reality sector. The CNC's unique system of financial support for the creation of digital experiences, introduced in 2007, has enabled the production of many major productions, regularly presented and awarded at festivals around the world, and the emergence of new artists.

Divided into three themes - Fiction, Documentary, and Arts and Heritage - the artworks, with their diversity of subject and form, present a rich and varied selection that represents French creation in the field of virtual reality.

Experience Virtual reality / La sélection VR

Discover below the selection of artworks available at Alliance Française Miami Metro on NOV 18.


A dive into the stunning sceneries of the Notre Dame cathedral before and after the tragic fire. On April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire. Today, Notre-Dame is not entirely saved, but still standing. Experience a unique and unprecedented immersion in the cathedral before and after the fire, narrated by the leaders who look after the iconic monument.

Nôtre dame de paris - voyage dans le passé

On April 15, 2019, the world witnessed as Notre-Dame Cathedral was nearly destroyed in a devastating fire. The cathedral is currently closed for restorations, but it’s still possible to visit it thanks to this VR experience based on the 3D model of "Assassin’s Creed Unity", developed by Ubisoft. Ubisoft proposes a virtual reality visit of Notre-Dame so people can get back to the cathedral and discover point-of-views that were inaccessible to the public, such as the roof, or elements of architecture that were destroyed by the fire, including the famous spire in a living Paris of the 18th century. In a 3X3 meters zone, the visitor is invited to look around and take a few steps to admire each perspective of the monument, from the nave to the bell towers, to the sound of its famous Cavaillé-Coll Organ performing J.S. Bach.

Paris l’envers du décor : le Musée d’Orsay

Paris, a walk in virtual reality: the Musée d’Orsay. The Forum des images revisits emblematic Parisian sites filmed from an unprecedented angle. It revives the architectural and cultural heritage of Paris like the Musée d’Orsay and reveals the majesty of one of the largest museums in Europe and the beauty of the works on display.

The real thing / Archi vrai

The Real Thing is a VR journey into a copy of our world, exploring real-life stories inside China’s replicas of Paris, Venice and London. Around China’s largest cities, entire neighbourhoods have been inspired by foreign models. The film explores the most stunning of these “fake cities”. It travels from Paris to London and Venice - without leaving China. The inhabitants guide us in the parallel world where they have chosen to live. As VR leads the way to virtual tourism, copycat cities compete to offer a real experience of static travel. Walking the thin line between reality and virtuality, this documentary combines both to enhance a whole new feeling of ubiquity.

En tête à tête avec la joconde

Discover the Mona Lisa as you've never seen her before... Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass is the first virtual reality (VR) experience presented by Musée du Louvre. The virtual reality experience combines moving image, sound and interactive design to create a deeply engaging way to immerse visitors in the world of da Vinci’s as well as bringing to life decades of conservation research and data, including infrared scans. Transporting the viewer through time, the experience unveils insights into how the artwork was originally created, how it might have looked in the past, and how it has changed over 500 years.

Paris l’envers du décor : la Tour Eiffel

A secret and unexpected Paris in 360 °; an exploration of the hidden side of exceptional Parisian monuments. A 360°-visit of a Paris full of art and history and an invitation to travel, to discover the hidden side of exceptional Parisian monuments. The Forum des images and TV5 monde constitute a collection of short films in 360 and invite the public to visit emblematic Parisian places filmed from a new angle.


A documentary experience bringing Edvard Munch’s thoughts and demons to life. This virtual reality experience uses The Scream as a launching pad, exploring the painter’s deepest obsessions in an audio-visual staging of the most famous scream in the history of art. It all starts in a museum hall, where the viewer is free to walk around and interact. But as he turns his gaze to the painting, he is thrust into another world, an imaginary sensory-packed world. A universe on the outskirts of reality that taps into the painter’s psyche and unfolds in three chapters.

1, 2, 3 Bruegel

1, 2, 3 Bruegel !, a playful VR experience into Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting “Children’s Games”. 1, 2, 3 Bruegel ! is an entertaining VR experience in 3D Real-time into the mysterious Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting “Children’s Games”: A game of hide and seek where your mission will be to find the 200 children hidden in the city. The painting is no longer a painting but a model game in which you can walk around and act upon.

Accused #2

256 hours of recordings of the Rivonia trial revivethe political fight of Mandela and 7 coaccused against apartheid. The film focuses on accused N°2, Walter Sisulu. “Mandela would, without fail, seek out Sisulu before making any kind of big decision.” It was an open secret among Mandela’s comrades in the struggle. Without Walter Sisulu, there wouldn’t have been Nelson Mandela. Sisulu was the one who found Mandela. Sisulu was his guide. Sisulu was his mentor. The world came to know about Sisulu duringthe Rivonia trial in 1963 and 1964. Mandela, accused number one, read a speech during the trial justifying why the ANC had resorted to violence. Sisulu, accused number two, was the first of the group to be cross-examined. The sound archives of the trial - which have recently been restored by the INA - allow us to relive the five days of his gripping confrontation with an overtly racist prosecutor. Sisulu, who faced the death penalty, stood up to the unrelenting aggression and gave as good as he got.

Meet Mortaza

An immersive journey of an Afghan refugee At the age of 24, Mortaza had to flee his own country, Afghanistan, because he was sentenced to death by the religious authorities. Forced into exile, through a dangerous and clandestine road, Mortaza will reach Europe to join the country he wished to ask for asylum: France. Meet Mortaza VR tells the twelve-year-journey of a young man who wanted to live free. The experience plunges the audience into Mortaza’s recollections, sharing his intimacy, dreams, doubts and fights for freedom.


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