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Alliance Française Miami Metro is proud to be  official center appointed to deliver all tests of the DELF/DALF family.
Locally you will find a team of certified and recognized experts  in charge of preparation and organization of exams. 

These diplomas, issued by the Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale (France), are open to students learning French or anyone interested in receiving official certification of their proficiency in French as a second or foreign language.
Passing the DALF eliminates the need to take entry-level language tests in all French universities.
There is no limitation in time of the diploma validity.

DELF tous publics, level 1

The DELF, level 1, covers the acquisition of basic skills in French : the ability to communicate in normal, everyday situations.

2 units:  A1 / Beginner  and  A2 / Elementary 
Prices : A1 : $120   A2 : $130. AFMM Members take $10 off.

DELF tous publics, level 2

The DELF, level 2, covers the further development of these skills. It presents a general overview of French-speaking civilization (in France, Quebec, etc.) and
an introduction to the specialized usage of French in a discipline of the candidate's choice.

2 units : B1 / Intermediate and B2 / Upper Intermediate
Prices : B1 : $140   B2 : $170. AFMM Members take $10 off.

DELF Prim 

Intended for children ages 8-12 who are beginners in French as a Foreign Language and either undertaking studies corresponding to the French elementary level or are in age of starting such studies under the regulations applicable in their country.
Successful candidates receive a certificate identical to the general public version.

DELF Prim is composed of individual certificates corresponding to the initial levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(link is external) (CEFRL): A1.1, A1, and A2.

Find more about the DELF Prim here.

Prices : A1.1 : $110   A1 or A2 : $125. AFMM Members take $10 off.

DELF Junior 

The junior version of DELF has the same basic structure as the standard DELF. However, the topics are different because the material is suited to the interests and lifestyle of youngsters. It can only be taken by candidates between the ages of 12 and 18.
The diploma  is identical to the standard DELF diploma.
There are four diplomas for adolescents: A1, A2, B1, and B2.

Find more about the DELF Junior  here.

Prices : A1 : $125   A2 : $130   B1 : $150   B2 : $170.   AFMM Members take $10 off.


The professional version of the DELF has the same structure as the standard DELF.
The variation is that topics are geared towards the professional environment.
There are four diplomas for professionals : A1, A2, B1, and B2.

Find more about the DELF Pro  here.

Prices : A1 : $125   A2 : $130   B1 : $150   B2 : $170.   AFMM Members take $10 off.


The DALF covers specialized usage of French in a discipline of the candidate's choice.
It represents an advanced level of knowledge of the French language in general context
as well as the ability to cover specialized topics.

2 units : C1 and C2
Prices :  C1 or C2 : $275. AFMM Members take $10 off.

Conditions to all exams

The DELF is composed of four (4) units. The DALF is composed of two (2) units. You may obtain them separately in the country or countries of your choice. Each unit represents approximately 100 hours of study and is certified by a diploma.
All marks are final and not subject to appeal.

You can undertake the different units at your own pace; you will retain credit for all units that you have passed.
If you wish, you can spread your study of the units over several years, or you can attempt the examinations for several units
in the same session (for example, the two units of the DELF, level 1). No previous diploma is required for a candidate to register
for the DELF/DALF exams, and neither is proof of specific preparation or level.

More information :  France Education International (formerly Centre international d'études pédagogiques) : www.ciep.fr/en/delf-dalf


Janvier-Décembre 2020

 Examen Niveau Dates
DELF-DALF TOUT PUBLIC A1  16 mars 15 juin 7 décembre
A2 16 mars 15 juin 7 décembre
B1 17 mars 16 juin 8 décembre
B2 18 mars 17 juin 9 décembre
C1  19 mars 18 juin 10 décembre
C2 20 mars 19 juin 11 décembre
DELF JUNIOR/SCOLAIRE A1 23 mars 1 juin 1 décembre
A2 24 mars 2 juin 2 décembre
B1 25 mars 3 juin 3 décembre
B2 26 mars 4 juin 4 décembre
DELF PRIM A1.1 2 mars 6 mai 26 octobre
A1 3 mars 7 mai 27 octobre
A2 4 mars 8 mai 28 octobre
DELF PRO  A1 18 mai
A2 19 mai
B1 20 mai
B2 21 mai

* Les sessions barrées sont annulées à l’échelle nationale.
**Voir ci-après le calendrier des sessions supplémentaires destinées à la Fédération FLAM.

Destinées aux candidats de la Fédération FLAM USA

 Examen Niveau Dates  
DELF PRIM  A1.1  25 avril
A1 25 avril
A2 25 avril
A2 9 mai
B1 9 mai
B2 9 mai


Registration date will be announced October 1st 2020

STEP 1 Download and fill out the registration form  

STEP 2 : Return it to us along with your payment

Your application can be validated only if we receive both your filled-out registration form and your online payment.
All exam sales are final.  No credits, no refunds.

Should you wish to receive the diploma by mail, please add the $10-postal fees to your payment  (for US postal code only).

Please make sure that all the information submitted on the registration form is correct.
The name that appears on your form should match the name on your ID.

STEP 3  : We will send you all confirmation and details regarding your session  as soon as possible.

Looking forward to meeting you, 
Test center team at  

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