The Making of Paris: The Story of How Paris Evolved from a Fishing Village into the World’s Most Beautiful City

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Paris has long been the world’s most popular destination and, in the view of many, the world’s most beautiful city – the product of two
thousand years of continuous improvement and refinement. The Making of Paris is the story of how Paris evolved from a small fishing village
on an island in the middle of the Seine River into the City of Light. The focus of the book is on the city as seen from the street, in order
to understand the evolution of the urban landscape of Paris through the rues and boulevards and the buildings and monuments from its long and storied past.

Russell Kelley is an American lawyer who has lived in Paris for nearly 30 years. A dedicated<em> flâneur</em>, he has walked the length and
breadth of his adopted city, marveling at its splendid monuments, perspectives and panoramas. Those walks led to an unending quest to
understand how the urban landscape of Paris, the world’s most beautiful city, evolved over the centuries. When in the US, he lives in Palm
Beach, FL.

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